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Dishing Out Cyber Defense: A Restaurant Owner's Guide

Video Conference on Meetup to discuss We will discuss today's, foodservice operations that are becoming increasingly digitized and are incorporating new technologies. Smartphone technology, chatbots, automated ordering & payments, and Wi-Fi network connections are just a few o

f the technologies becoming the standard today. It’s increasingly important for your business to manage these technologies effectively so that your operation, staff and guests are safe.


Hosted By San Mateo Business A.

We will cover different aspects of cybersecurity related to restaurants and will review a sample "evaluation" so you can see if your systems are safe.

  • Do you have a protocol in place if you get hacked and your system goes down?​

  • What is your onboarding for new staff & managers regarding safe use of computers, email and log-ins?

  • How do you 'off-board' a terminated employee from your systems?

These and other questions can help you create a solid cybersecurity plan for your operation (even if you aren't a 'tech-y'!)


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